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Cycle Gear Online

September 13, 2011


Cycle Gear demonstrates effective use of social media, and more specifically Facebook, as depicted below.


Cycle Gear is one of the nation’s largest retailers for motorcycle gear, apparel, parts and more. I have purchased about a majority of my gear, parts and supplies from Cycle Gear ranging from motorcycle stands to one-piece leather racing suits to DOT4 racing brake fluid. Cycle Gear not only caters to track day enthusiasts such as me, but also to motorcycle riders who like to tour America’s beautiful scenery.


In my opinion, I believe Cycle Gear has been effective at utilizing social media to bring all motorcycle enthusiasts together with a focus of uniting all riders. Many motorcycle part/gear retailers out there just focus on making money and not focusing on the riders. Cycle Gear always holds contests and raffles to bring the whole motorcycle community together.


First off, I chose Cycle Gear because my passion is with motorcycles. Cycle Gear earns about 80% of my business when I am in need for just about anything motorcycle-related so I see fit that I analyze Cycle Gear’s social media.

I have been following Cycle Gear on Facebook for a while and always see the constant activity going on. Cycle Gear always holds contests that encourages everyone to be involved, whether it is posting about an experience you had or taking a picture of you and your motorcycle in front of a beautiful lake. Winners of such contests or raffles will either be given a coupon or featured on the Cycle Gear Facebook page. This, in my opinion, is one of the most effective ways to advertise your company and generate “buzz”. There is a “Photo Contest” section under Cycle Gear’s Facebook page for easy navigation.

Another way Cycle Gear effectively advertises their business is the events section on their Facebook page. Cycle Gear from time to time hosts “Bike Nights”, which consists of all bikers in the general area to come together to relax and meet new people, essentially like a meet and greet. During Bike Nights, raffles, contests and giveaways are held to promote Cycle Gear products. Cycle Gear advertises it’s Bike Nights through Facebook, announcing when they are held and sending out reminders a few days before.

However, Cycle Gear did have one idea on its Facebook that I felt was not effective. Cycle Gear had a section on their Facebook called “Discussion.” Under Discussions, there would be different threads with different topics hoping for other riders to chime in and contribute their ideas or experiences. In a sense, this would be Cycle Gear’s forum for the motorcycle community. Upon clicking the Discussions link, I was disappointed to see that there were only four discussion threads with barely any posts inside. In my opinion, Cycle Gear should either take down this Discussions section or push it to become more active.

So there is my $.02 on Cycle Gear’s Facebook page. Overall, Cycle Gear knows how to utilize social media in not only advertising products but also to advertise its name.

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