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Demands for Hunger

September 13, 2011

When I think about “satisfying my hunger,” Snickers do not come into my mind. But the creative advertisement techniques that Snickers has incorporated into their commercials relates to the consumers and its potential publics/customers. Snickers way of engaging their publics diversifies depending on the commercial.

I am pretty sure we can all agree that when we are hungry we turn into a “different” person due to the lack of food in our system. Snickers advertisements makes a hilarious examples of what people before they “satisfy” their hunger with a Snickers. Their advertisement techniques are very original and at the same time they connect to their publics. I really enjoy their commercials because in my opinion their campaign does not over due it with trying to be “funny.” They get to the point and show their product and how it will “help you” when you consume it.

The best commercials, in my opinion, are commercials that make you laugh and will make you want to consume that product or when you see it, crave it. Snickers technique to indulge its chocolate lovers is very amusing. It brings humor ¬†by connecting to its publics by showing different scenarios where someone is dealing with a friend whose hunger has converted them into a different person. I do believe that these commercials are appealing to all generations because it involves older actors that older generations can relate to but at the same time the scenarios are “everyday”¬†activity that a younger person may be dealing with when they or their friend is hungry. Even though these commercials are funny and connect to its publics there is still more that could be added. (There is always room for improvement) Its “target” publics seem to lean more towards a younger generation, they could probably use actors that the “younger” publics could relate to i.e., the cast from Jersey Shore or the cast from Fresh Prince of Bellaire. These actors are people who the younger generations and older generations can both recall and still enjoy seeing in a “hunger” scenario.

The Snicker’s commercials use many techniques that help establish an effective campaign. They use the “In-N-Out” to help out with their ultimate presentation of their commercials. They use what is “IN” like establishing patterns to interact with their consumers or potential consumers, i.e. hunger scenarios. They have integrated their “publics” into their commercials and have involved them by the content that their consumer (stakeholder) or potential consumer will/have encounter when they are hungry.

I feel that Snickers uses the the SWOT analysis before making a campaign or any kind of advertisement. Their strengths being that they have been on the mark for many years and they are a well know chocolate bar with families introducing their favorite chocolate (assuming it’s Snickers) to their children, grandchildren, etc. Their weakness can be the increase in production and manufacturing hence increasing the price of the average Snickers bar. Like any large company they have objectives that they need to establish before their campaign or advertisement is produced. Their objective could be to become the number one chocolate bar in the US. Their threat can be their competition like other well known chocolate bars like Kit Kat, Twix, Reese, etc.

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