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Reconnecting with Music

September 13, 2011

The Beatles are now one of the many artists supporting the Music Matters organization, a campaign against the illegal downloading of music. They launched an amazing video in that truly resonates with all audiences. No matter what their preference in music the message was easily relate able. I believe this was an excellent example of how integrated marketing communication (IMC) and digital media work together to reach the end goal.

The campaign itself started in 2010 in an effort to remind people of the value of music. We live in an age where everything is so readily available but just because it is there for us does not necessarily make it legal. Piracy robs musicians of the credit they have worked hard for in recording the great songs we listen to today. Being a Beatles fan I read an article saying they had leant their music to an anti-piracy campaign. I followed the link and came across this video that tugged at my heart and mind. A year after launching the campaign they now have launched Music Matters in New Zealand and Australia.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this video but I think if the video had involved real people it would have made a bigger impact. Also, I would recommend them having testimonies or videos talking to artists or bands that support this movement, it would add credibility to their mission.

I believe the collaboration of digital media and the IMC theory works hand in hand with this campaign.

  • Consumer Insight

–  By getting specific artists and specific songs to carry out their messages they knew which target audiences they were directing.

– The various legal music websites they work with also give them information on their consumers.

  • Data Driven Decisions

–  The push for this campaign was the fact that many people were downloading music illegally. By having an outlet for people to download music in an ethical manner they hope to reduce those numbers substantially.

  • Cross-media integration

–  This campaign bridged the gap between media quite nicely in my opinion. By having the information easily available and providing moving videos to further express their message they made the various transitions user friendly.

  • Communication with multiple stakeholders

–  On their website, Facebook and YouTube accounts they give their publics a chance to speak their minds and share their opinions of the various videos and overall meaning of music.

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