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Stop fooling yourself…you’re not in Control

September 13, 2011

Social influence occurs when a person’s thoughts, feelings, or actions are affected by others. Essentially, influence is the art of persuasion — the ability to cause a change in mindset or actions so someone thinks or behavesin a certain way. In the world of social media marketing, influence is inevitable.

| Meaningful exchanges constantly take place all over the social Web on a variety of platforms, connecting people and enabling them to share, critique, and interact with each other.

| We are all in! Join me, subscribe to me, follow me, “like” me, add me to your Circle and let’s change the world! The type of information we share reveals a lot about who we are, who we know, and what we know — people tend to talk about the things they care about/are most knowledgeable about with others who are interested in similar subjects. The impact of those relationships affects the way we are influenced by the media.

| I think this is a brilliant video because it highlights the importance of social media. Most of us are not aware of the huge impact social media has on our personal lives. We are controlled by it and we don’t even realize it sometimes. Social media has had a huge impact on my life. I signed up for Facebook as soon as I had the opportunity. This provided me with the ability to network and stay in contact with acquaintances. I check it multiple times a day from both my computer and phone. I honestly feel controlled by it sometimes. Oh well It is what It is. I refuse to get on Twitter because I know I will get addicted. For now I will stick to Youtube, Google and facebook.

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