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We Will Never Forget…State Farm

September 13, 2011

As this State Farm commercial started to play in the middle of the Texans game I watched little children sing a story of one city that in all honesty most people down South aren’t to fond of. But what starts off with just a few American flags in the city of New York  along the children’s path ends with bigger American flags and a Never Forget sign transcending into  all of America . The commercial which commemorates the tragic events that occurred on 9/11 in New York and throughout America slowly builds memories in your mind then bam ends with a Never Forgotten. Forever Grateful. State Farm.  The commercial is enough to make a grown man’s eyes water and at the same time brings the emotions that makes you wanna let out a good ol USA! USA! USA! chant.

The commercial integrated advertising and public relations beautifully. With subtle hints like empire STATE of mind connecting to STATE farm.  Throughout the commercial the heartwarming patriotic feelings you receive and the sadness and commemoration of that are all felt.  You feel safe watching and enjoying and then the flashing white screens at the end where you feel each slide individually  Never Forgotten…Forever Grateful…. and then State Farm….it passes through you with good thoughts as if State Farm signed a thank you note  that Americans always wanted to sign for the heroes that day. PR is connecting with an audience on a personal level everyone remembers that event and has been affected by it in some way or another. State Farm shared emotions with us so now we may switch to use them. The Advertising was subtle yet definitely there.

State Farm you did great but you could have had a few kids riding in cars with parents possibly with a State Farm logo dropped on the dashboard or bumper or something. like that so passively we would have taken it in without thinking. It is a huge step up from the Cars advertisement yall have put up in the past. But the video is my American dream filling peoples hearts with warm emotions so they open their wallets.

Eric Ortiz

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