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What’s in it for You?

September 13, 2011

What excites you? What gives you that feeling of getting up and doing something? In this day and age of the Internet and its’ ever expanding coverage of all things known to man. What is there left to explore? Is it an adventure in the “Real World”? We seek instant gratification in all things accomplished, learned, and experienced. We like places even when we have never physically been there. The Dodge Journeys new advertising campaign seeks to right these shortfalls to which we have become accustomed. In my opinion, they have planned, executed, and are continuing to implement one of the most exciting marketing campaigns I have seen in recent year. The video below will bring you up to speed on their new strategy.

This is just one of many advertisements available online to the consumer/adventurer. I initially saw the commercial while watching the Texans vs. Colts NFL Sunday game. The ending of the advertisement directed me to visit Dodge’s YouTube channel for more info. The site is very well designed, it captures the visitor’s initial interest and then directs them to addition info, blogs, links, etc. A slightly different version of the commercial aired at least 7 times through out the game. Dodge is tapping into people sense of adventure. It is something that we have put aside in favor of a computer screen, keyboard, and mouse. The commercials also touch on the subject of breaking free of the chains the Internet has placed upon us. Phrases such as “search the world wide world” and “the internet will be fine without you” are magnificent lines that really make the viewer think. The advertisements engage the viewer by questioning what is really important. The promise of a free vehicle, even if you personally don’t feel the urge to get out and actually do it, evokes some sense of excitement and interest as to who will find it. Which leads us into the next video that present the adventurous duo who made the effort to GET OUT!

My recommendation to improve the campaign would be to roll it out to an even wider audience. I have yet to see the commercial air on a different time slot other than the one I have discussed. A good outlet would be the networks such as discover and travel to capture an adventurous type of audience. I would also think it would be an interesting move to advertise or market to college student. The excitement and adventure aspects would be further developed with the addition of the young generation and their methods of finding the prize. The father and son duo that in my opinion is already soggy and boring because it just seems to cliché. But it is an open competition and that in its self creates excitement.

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