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Get Crackin’….

September 14, 2011

Pistachios are in vogue: who would have guessed ?

A trendy bag for a culinary product.

Wonderful Pistachios’ ad campaigns are nothing short of appealing and trendy pieces of work.  The pistachio product is produced by Paramount Farms Inc, California’s largest pistachio producer, with over 300 million pounds of pistachio produced last year.

Wonderful Pistachios is certainly staying on top of all trends. Their ads feature famous reality TV stars, NFL giants, infamous Facebook and YouTube celebrities and even characters from Apple Ipad’s most played video game.

  • “Ocho Cinco does it in the endzone.”

  • “Snookie does it in a tanning bed.”

  • “Angrybirds do it on the fly.”

Don't underestimate the power of the pistachio.

So how does a simple culinary nut score an impressive array of celebrities?

By having a creative team that breathes and lives pop culture! Pistachios, although delicious, are one of the most random products I’d never expect a celebrity to endorse.  It is an unexpected anomaly, which makes their ads funny and interesting.  The team behind Wonderful Pistachios are aware of this humorous situation and they are milking it.  Their ads elevate Wonderful Pistachios to more than just a noticeable product; I believe it makes them the most prominent pistachio product on the market.

Their followers go NUTS for Twitter.

The pistachio company has also a big stand on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. They offer contests, promotions, discounts and even a personalized “crac-man” nut game.

The company seems to engage heavily with their fans and the gesture seems to be mutual. Many of their followers post pistachio related pictures and comments, all of course following an underlying pattern of humor.

Wonderful Pistachio’s website also has a daily updated blog, a flicker photos site and a YouTube channel.  They are clearly in the game and are doing everything “pop culture” by the book.

However, it’s not all good in pistachio land. As a consumer, the ads and marketing attract me, but unfortunately just not enough to go nuts for their products and buy them. Pistachios are culinary nuts targeted to a high-end consumer market. With their products starting around $9, this makes them an expensive snack.

Their overall campaign is targeting young adults by using current celebrities and trends. It is clear that their audience target needs to be expanded, as current targeted consumers are unlikely to buy their products, no matter how delicious.

This is an excellent campaign, but they either have to expand their consumer target or lower their prices.

Does Keyboard cat make you want to get crackin’?

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