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Do you know any songs about water?

September 27, 2011
The botle without Jen

Smart Water

Viral videos have made or broken every attention brat’s future. Technology has helped and social media has given the adrenaline jump to this fan crazed human beings that are famous for just screaming into a camera the words “Leave Britney alone”, lip-singing famous Top 40 songs, or dressing up in a leotard and pantyhose while dancing the entire “Single Ladies” video choreography.

Last night, while looking for auto ads to critique for my account planning class I stumbled upon a smart water commercial named “Jenn Aniston’s Sex Tape”.  The only thing is that I only laughed and chuckled. This commercial didn’t make me want to go purchase the water.

Yeah I get it, viral or virus videos can be really dumb and may be going to the basic math of hot girl + water  + slick hair = famous viral video and hopefully more people buying the product will be our best option. But where do they tell me the good things about Smart Water? Or how good does it taste or the positives in drinking water?

But, where is my personal connection? How do I ever relate to Jen trying to make the best online commercial? What do I get from drinking Smart Water? Just because Jen likes it, I should like it? Where is my independence? Judge for yourself, tell me…. Better yet watch it and let me know, after seeing the commercial, do you actually still want to buy smart water? Or do you just remember the brand a little easier because of a G6 Jen viral video? Afterall they have gotten almost 10 million hits.

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