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Helping touch people’s lives

September 27, 2011


Essentially, there are two approaches to persuasion in advertising showing in this video: emotional and rational. Rational persuasion taps into consumers’ thinking side. It tells them about the benefits of the product and why they should buy it. In this case such brands as: Pantene, Pampers, Max Factor, Ariel, Olay, Crest, tide, among others, are products that have a direct rational effect in people’s head. Focusing on high quality consumer products P&G has produced multiple million dollar brands including Tide and Pantene.


On the other hand, emotional advertising taps into consumers’ feeling side. It shows them the benefits of the product through drama and relies on them being so involved with the characters and finding the story so relevant that it will hit an emotional chord. Emotional advertising is much more indirect in its persuasion. Like we see in this video, all they talk about is people and their emotional needs and how P&G cares for everyone regardless of race, color, age or class.


People are interested in companies that make them feel special, companies that connect with them in a daily basis. We, as consumers, need to feel important and taken care of and in order to buy a product we create this “cost vs benefit” comparison in our head.  If it’s more expensive but makes me feel good, then I buy it.  P&G touches lives! Their main objective is to make our life easier and better.


P&G has been making preparations to establish the P&G corporate identity on its marketing communications for almost a year. P&G’s has developed a brand portfolio that takes their brand marketing to a new level. Today’s consumers expect transparency, authenticity and honesty from the products that they buy and the companies that make them, and unifying all of their brands into a very touching advertising campaign is the perfect way to meet this expectation and to grow their business.


P&G’s Mission statement states: “We Show Respect for All Individuals. We believe that all individuals can and want to contribute to their fullest potential. We value differences. We inspire and enable people to achieve high expectations, standards, and challenging goals. We are honest with people about their performance.” “How are you gonna touch someone life today”? That’s the ending quote of this video. It definitely makes you think about how your life is being touched by them.

In my opinion this is a great example of how advertising can be very persuading by using an emotional message. Our brain is programmed to create attachments to people, situations or products that make us feel special and important to society.  We are always looking for ways to improve our lives.

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