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Kim K. Sells Out

September 27, 2011

Shoedazzle! Founded by the über stylish Kim Kardashian, have you heard of it?

It’s a fun new website started by Kim Kardashian that picks out new shoes for you every month…well kinda new, and fun, I guess for some people. I was a member for about a year before I got tired of it enough to cancel. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good concept…you sign up, take a quick profile quiz and get stylist recommendations for “designer shoes” for only $39.95 a month. At first I was sucked in, I gave my credit card information and at the beginning of every month I received an email with 5 shoe choices “specifically picked out for me” by one of their stylists based on my style profile. I had until the 5th of that month to either pick the shoe I wanted or opt out for the month, I could even ask for an alternate 5 shoes if I wasn’t loving my first round.  On the 5th if I hadn’t opted out I got charged, even if I hadn’t picked a shoe. No big deal right? Now I’ve got credit and I can still pick any shoe I want…unfortunately too often I didn’t check my “closet” by the 5th and even when I did I seldom liked the choices they made for me, and therefore had a lot of built up credit with the company.

I’m sorry but honestly, what kind of a woman wants to pick from 5 shoes…I love every second of my long and thoughtful hours of shoe shopping through the Galleria. I love seeing every possible shoe that is available to me and comparing prices and quality, just thinking about shoe shopping gets me excited. So Shoedazzle was just too restricting for me, I hated not being able to see EVERY shoe they had available.  I did order a few shoes from them during that year, and I did enjoy them…the 2 times I was able to wear them!!! “Designer” shoes? Seriously? Apparently my idea of “designer” is very different from theirs. I even received one pair that had the sole already peeling apart straight out of the box. I will say their customer service was amazing and they let me send back the shoes and reimbursed me with no problem at all, they made it very easy for me in fact! Sadly that leads me to think they probably deal with these problems way to often to put up a fight. And Kim Kardashian? Please, the whole world just saw her flip out on national TV over loosing a $75,000 diamond earring and we’re supposed to believe she would ever be caught dead wearing these cheapy shoes if she wasn’t being paid to do so! Apparently they also do handbags and accessories now, but I’ve never taken the time to look at those selections. Yes, some shoes they have are very fun, but I do believe their style profiling is a bit off. I found myself ordering shoes from my best friends closet, and vice versa, quite often…and we have very different taste!

Shoedazzle has a fun, interactive, and visually appealing website, a great price for what they offer and amazing customer service. They’ve done a good job as far as becoming more known through facebook and word of mouth of course and it could be a fun idea for those who can’t always get out to shop. Personally, I think that they should focus a little more on the quality of their shoes, offer a wider variety for their customers to choose from and only charge you if and when you actually choose a shoe each month.

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