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Look to the Skies

September 27, 2011

If you’re a graffiti writer/enthusiast you support fellow artist in their cause. We band together and make our numbers our power. We live on the internet and have become accustomed to face book and twitter to be our outlets. Yet, I am pleasantly surprised to see that there are still some that keep it old school. While visiting one of my daily internet sites, Juxtapoz, I was taken in by an interesting photo. It was a depiction of what looked like sky writing. Upon further investigation I discovered that the campaign was for an “Art is Not a Crime” campaign funded by the graffiti artist Saber. Saber is well known LA artist. I have to stress artist because no matter what form art takes, such as graffiti, it is still art. The video will bring you up to speed. Enjoy.

There has been a recent ban on public art in the city of LA and the campaign seeks to lift this ban and bring awareness to the issue. The media outlet for the campaign is pure genius. Taking it to the skies is so basic it is almost keeping it stupid simple. The simple message of writing graffiti crews and their writers names in the sky is very liberating. It says we are here and we aren’t going anywhere. If we can’t use our walls we use our sky. This coupled with the sponsorships of local and national companies who support the cause is just an added benefit. Saber has utilized the internet and websites such as Juxtapoz and You Tube to spread the word. You can visit sabers site, which I stress you should do, and sign a petition to raise the “Mural Moratorium”.

The campaign could use more digital outlets in my opinion. But this may work against the cause since social networking sites seem like somewhat of a sell out to the underground. But maybe this will change and we will embrace them as channels that evoke change. We live in the age of digital. I thinks it’s time for the young to get after the old and what better way than the internet.

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