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#Save the Drama For Your Mama because #You Had Me at Tweet

September 27, 2011











Round 1

Boxing as a sport has witnessed Darwinism first hands evolve or become irrelevant/a defunct organization. Boxing must go head to head with the UFC on most Saturday nights there is a big boxing match. The UFC has tactically combatted every big boxing match with a Pay Per View show of their own or a free re-run of a previous headline UFC match. With the UFC and other smaller Mixed Martial Arts promotions evolving and growing , boxing has suffered.  People in the boxing world say that the two are aimed at two different audiences. But in society today where bigger is always better or in this case the bloodier the better.  The UFC has provided an alternate sometimes more violent option for combat enthusiast it has been an outlet to get away from a slower paced boxing.  So how can boxing help curve attention back to bring back the mega money of boxing?

Round 2

HBO Boxing which carries most every major Pay Per View show decided to evolve. And how did they approach this?…@hboboxing.  My news feed constantly reminds me of the combat sport I was first introduced too as a child before I would ever know what a tweet was.  So here we are almost 20 years later and I am being brought back into that world daily.  On the same news feed where I follow @DanaWhite the head of the UFC, I am being swamped with @hbooxing tweets and retweets.

Round 3

But @hbooxing is strategic in not tweeting enough to make me unfollow them but just enough to always have them in my mind.  The most effective tweets @hboboxing produces may not even be directly from them but retweets from boxers in upcoming fights. During the weeks before the biggest fight of 2011 the bout between Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz any follower of @hboboxing was fed with retweets from @FloydMayweather and @VICIOUSortiz. The tweets captured my attention and had me so hyped about the type that Saturday night I ordered it on Pay Per View for $65.00 dollars. Where the main event ended up being full of WWE like antics and a disappointing display. Point Blank the only reason I was drawn back was @hboboxing. The job of a Twitter for any company or person for that matter is to keep yourself trending or buzzing and @hboboxing did just that.  It is boxing in a new day and age but leaves you feeling nostalgic enough to order the big match. Mission Accomplished @hboboxing #hboboxingisrelevantagainthankstotwitter

@hboboxing wins with unanimous decision #winning

Moral of the story=Twitter > Shenanigans

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