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Time to Act

September 27, 2011

Starting from the end of September through October sparks the beginning of breast cancer awareness month. I was on the Livestrong YouTube channel when I came across this emotionally charged video with the goal of spreading cancer awareness.

I thought the execution of this video was incredible. It starts off with a strong emotional pull when Lance Armstrong clears his throat as he explains the path his cancer has taken. He comes back by saying “I am determined to fight this disease and I will win.” That statement sets the tone for the mission behind this campaign. The Livestrong organization is seeking the support and interaction of people all over the world to help fight cancer by creating awareness and involvement. This video grabs your attention by showing the seriousness of the disease and how it crosses all boundaries, age, race , and sex.

Ultimately I think the Livestrong: Take Action campaign has adapted to the Integrated Communications model perfectly. They not only have a page for their organization they also have a page supporting October 2 where everyone wears yellow to support cancer awareness. On top of that they also have a  Facebook page and YouTube channel to target other audiences as well.

The only thing I would worry about is that the depressing nature of the issue may backfire on their overall goal. Although their video is compelling it may trigger too much sadness and in the end people may be too depressed to act on it. Another suggestion would be to add political leaders who support the organization in various communities. Other than that I feel that this campaign did a great job using all the tools available on the internet and social media outlets.

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