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Unmanly men

September 27, 2011

We all know that Apple Martinis, Strawberry Daiquiris and Piña Coladas are not typical alcoholic beverages men prefer to drink when at the bar or sitting in their La-Z-Boy recliners watching the game. Nine times out of ten men much rather be drinking a nice cold refreshing beer. These hilarious Miller Lite commercials use many techniques to help create an effective campaign. Not only are these commercials entertaining but they help get potential customers to focus on their product.

I love how Miller Lite connects their beer to both men and women. For example, in their commercials men were considered being “unmanly” for not drinking a Miller Lite beer. This connects to women because women are usually known for eating and drinking “low calorie” and “low carb” foods and beverges. Drinking a Miller Lite beer would benefit women because women are typically concerned about their weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, men can still feel mucho by drinking a beer, while women can feel comfortable knowing that they are drinking a tasty but “lite” beverage. I also like how Miller Lite connected women into their commercials by showing them in the bar and pool halls. It shows that women can be feminine but also drink  beer and watch sports just like men.

Miller Lite did a great job with their commercials. But, I would love to see more women in their commercials actually talking about how they like Miller Lite beer because it is low in calories. If Miller Lite put more emphasis on “lite” they could possibly get more female customers to buy their beer.With many commercials on television now days, it is difficult to remember all of them. Advertisers literally have to put neon signs in their commercials just to get our attention, especially during sports.

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