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Vacay in the Gulf aye?

September 27, 2011

FLORIDA! MISSISSIPPI! ALABAMALOUISIANA! Now round up the family because that’s the place to be when planning your next vacation.

BUT a year ago, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana were the last place to even consider visiting due to the BP oil spill. Those states that surround the Gulf of Mexico were the ones that were hit hard by  the oil spill. When I was first watching the video it was I felt their enthusiasm and the culture that lives in the deep south. This advertisement made me want to pack up my bags and book my next vacation to one of the beaches of the south that have been cleaned up and remodeled by BP.

BP’s PR knew what they needed to improve their image after the spill, but promoting all four states that were impacted the worst and converting them into the “best touristic places” is pure genius. Not only are these states, business owners, and cities getting national coverage they are also promoting themselves and selling themselves to the publics to come out and vacation with them to have “a great time and enjoy the world’s best weather and the best part of the Gulf”. After all that has happened with BP and their oil spill in the Gulf, BP is doing a tremendous job to build up their image.

BP’s “compassion” to help build and reconstruct these businesses makes BP image recover little by little. This advertisement targets its WORLD publics, not just the US. The World because if this incident was to happen again BP is making sure that the surrounding area that would be affected will known that they will be taken care of to reconstruct their businesses and lives. As an American it makes me want to book my next vacation in one of these areas. The hospitality demonstrated in these business owners make me want to experience the “southern culture.” BP could of improved their advertisement by having a little more emphasis on the beaches that were extremely damaged in the Gulf. Only reason being because when I think of a vacation, I think of “paradise”, my ideal vacation has beautiful beaches. Other than that I honestly believe that they are rebuilding their image in a remarkable way which helps the US publics “forgive” but  unfortunately for BP we will never “forget”.

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