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Yamaha announced new YZF-R1

September 27, 2011


As some of you may have probably figured out by now, I am a huge motorcycle enthusiast so I will be talking about Yamaha’s new lineup for 2012. To launch the new 2012 Yamaha YZF-R1, Yamaha Motors Europe did a promo video featuring MotoGP racer Ben Spies. This video showed Spies testing out the bike on the track and then briefly talking about the new R1 to fellow racers. Below is the video:

I would say that this new promo video is definitely effective but may not have been executed as well.


I am a die-hard fan of Yamaha MotorSports simply because I ride a 2008 Yamaha YZF-R6. I am always following news shared by Yamaha, including the new line of motorcycles manufactured every year. The year 2012 is no exception, I was eager to check out Yamaha’s new line of motorcycles since the body style and look of the Yamahas have not changed since 2006. I chose this video because Yamaha had a chance to change the R1 completely. The Yamaha YZF-R1 has not changed body style since 2006 and has been lacking in the 1000cc litre class recently. Everyone has been stoked to see what Yamaha could bring to the table this year so any advertisements sponsored by Yamaha should be jam-packed with information.


Like I said in my above paragraph, I believe this promo video is effective to a certain extent. There could definitely be things in the video that could be changed to make this promo video into a strong advertising video. The problem with this video is that it was too obvious at the end that the video was trying to sell the motorcycle. Yes, you would say the video’s purpose is to sell the motorcycle but sometimes people aren’t looking to be told straight facts about a product. They want to see themselves and be awed by the motorcycle and then have facts and specs about the motorcycle nonchalantly delivered to them.


This video shows the new 2012 Yamaha YZF-R1 in all its glory on the track emphasizing the speed and beauty you could possess if you purchased one. The video showed the R1 blazing through corners, buzzing by other riders and other shots that make you gawk in awe of the beauty of the new R1. Yes, the video did a great job of making the R1 look amazing but did it really sell?

My first complaint was the rider in the video, Ben Spies. I personally do not have anything against Spies and he is in fact one of my favorite racing athletes in MotoGP. However, someone else who may not appreciate Spies as much as me or may not even know who he is might be confused at the beginning of the video. Fans who follow Spies knows that he is a simple guy so they understand the concept of the beginning of the video of how Spies packs his R1 into the van and drives off casually enjoying the drive. By not having an intro to who Spies is, some fans who are just starting to get interested in Yamaha might be bored by the beginning.

My other complaint is towards the end of the video when after Spies gets done riding his R1, he talks about the R1 to other riders. The other riders ask about critiques of the R1 and how he liked it and Spies just gives a straight textbook answer about it, in my opinion. Even someone who is not a die-hard Yamaha or even a motorcycle fan could tell that the lines Spies were speaking were strictly rehearsed and biased towards strictly selling the R1 instead of talking about his real feelings about the motorcycle.

Despite my two complaints, I feel that this video still is effective. Taking a step back, fans can see that the beginning of the video is strictly beauty shots and the end of the video is talking about the technical specs, advantages, etc. Even though the commentary at the end may seem “cheesy”, it still did its job.

So there is my $.02 about Yamaha’s new promo video to push sales for the new 2012 Yamaha YZF-R1. Would I get it? Of course I would get it, simply because they have that awesome paint scheme with white and red which features Yamaha’s 50th Anniversary paint scheme.

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