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Qwikster….Quickly Driving Customers Away!

September 28, 2011

Dear Netflix,

If you are trying to pull an “April fool’s joke” on your customers , it’s not working….. in case you haven’t noticed, it’s SEPTEMBER!

I’m not interested in paying for two different services….or double the price for that matter.

Best Regards,

Nolonger Yourcustomer.

Qwikster will now take over the iconic "Netflix Red Envelope."

Did Netflix screw up big time by making changes to their service? Only time will tell.

On September 17th, Netflix announced that they will be dividing their two main services,  DVD-by- mail and streaming, into two different companies.  The new DVD-by-mail service will be called Qwister and  the streaming-only service will keep the name Netflix.

The changes have made a LOT of customers angry. The social media world received a big wave of  customers complaints, many threatening to cancel their Netflix subscriptions and who can blame them?

Back in July, Netflix made its first faux-pas by doubling prices without any WARNINGS or EXPLANATIONS, a move that pushed plenty of buttons….needless to say, many customers were threatening  to leave already.  Now only two months later,  the red envelope giant wants to split services?

Why Reed Hastings? Why  would you want to drive millions of your customers away?

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings during better times.

In an attempt to patch things up with the public, CEO Reed Hastings issued an apology on the Netflix Blog,  as well as posting a heartfelt YouTube video. He also didn’t waste the opportunity to keep shoving the Qwikster service down everyone’s throats as well.

Again, bad move Netflix.  I not only NOT care for your apology but I am also annoyed by it. ( Keep in mind I’m not even a Netflix customer!)

Their crisis communications skills leave much room for improvement.  They not only did not offer any incentives for customers to stay but they didn’t offer any viable solutions to customers that may want to keep their service.  When dealing with high pressure situations like this one, where one risks losing the customer, it is vital to not just own up to the mistakes made but offer GOOD alternatives that will make the customers happy.

WAKE UP NETFLIX! Crawling back with your tail between your legs  will not win your customers back. Make real changes and listen to what people have to say in the social media world.

In the meantime for all those angry Netflix customers out there, I leave you with some funny “Netflix Apology” videos, courtesy of Conan O’Brien.

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