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NBA Full-Court Room Coverage

October 13, 2011











Remember that first time you were discovered that you were locked out of your car or your house and you become panic stricken, retracing your foot steps and then you finally have to maybe call a parent, roommate or maybe break a window. At that moment it is it the worst feeling in the world but imagine if that lasted 3 months with no definite end…welcome to the National Basketball Association.

When you get locked out you lose time maybe a few dollars from missing work. When the NBA is locked out millions of dollars are being thrown away and fans turn away. The owners and players have yet to reach an agreement and not only does it hurt the profits of the company but it is devastating to fan base and the cities who host NBA teams will lose on profits of pre-game and post-game activities.  The NBA is playing with fire, at this point it can go one of two ways. For the National Football League after a lockout in the last offseason it has received some of the highest ratings in recent history. The full season lockout of 1994 in Major League Baseball led to fans in 1995 not showing up to games or even watching them. But the NBA still stays in limbo three months in and has already announced 2 weeks of the regular season will not be played. So as they make the fans suffer the fans usually try and make you suffer back NBA.

The NBA owners tried to reduce the 57% that players earn of the leagues profit in form of salary to as little as 10%. If most of us played for the NBA we wouldn’t be happy with that pay cut either.  If the owners and players don’t budge soon though leaving the season to shorten more and more there won’t be much left to divide. The players offered a 53% share and the owners didn’t accept showing there willing to try and make this work. The NBA should try and leave the financial dividends the same or even a 50/50 split may be in order but they must act fast before fans do retaliate by not turning on the television or showing up to games. The amount of twitter, sports blogs, and Facebook statuses suggest that people have lost a lot of patience already. The marketing campaigns of the NBA have also been put on hold, when you pull up you find no current players photo. As in most off seasons you get to see preseason games on ESPN we have been left with lockout updates and court rooms.  Get out of the NBA court room and back on the NBA court or you will have no money to divide.

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