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Keepin It Coolatta

October 24, 2011

Dunkin’ Donuts was able to complete one of the first successful and effective social media campaigns, before every brand could be found online, the Keep It Coolatta Facebook Campaign.

The website, is a public relations practioner’s “go to man” for the most interesting PR, social media or marketing news and circulating stories. When surfing the web site, I stumbled upon an old article on Dunkin’ Donuts and their pioneering social media campaign that set the standard for all those to follow.

Dunkin’ Donuts merged their new product release campaign with their Facebook Fan Page strategy. Fans would take and post a picture of themselves with any Dunkin’ Donuts’ Coolatta beverage to the fan page wall, add the caption #coolattagiveaway and subsequently update their profile with the pic, they would then be entered to win a daily giveaway. Although a simple concept, this was one of the first of its kind. Dunkin’ Donuts used a combined strategy with Twitter and Facebook to release their product onto the market.

Dunkin’ Donuts’ Keep it Coolatta campaign was a good example of social media campaigns. It proved that it’s not always about the number of social media channels that a brand utilizes and Dunkin’ Donuts didn’t want to overwhelm its consumers with bombarding them with annoying advertisements on every other media channel. The company also used a unique and fun idea for its campaign, which in result attracted a larger number of their target audience. Combining online and offline experiences also was a striking portion of this campaign, it brought value and more loyal customers to Dunkin’ Donuts and their new Coolatta. Dunkin’ Donuts could’ve improved this campaign by really linking it to all other Dunkin’ Donuts’ activities, also Twitter could’ve been utilized more so to connect more users. Another social media channel that could have been used would be YouTube; Dunkin’ Donuts could have had participants make videos in addition to Facebook profile pictures to further reach other audiences.

Although the campaign does not in itself have longevity, it would appear that the continued promotion to their fans through innovative campaigns provides an element of dial-up and dial-down within their social media platform – keeping customers engaged but not overwhelmed helped create a longer relationship with audiences. The engagement and customer involvement of this campaign was what took it off the ground and onto the top 10 social media campaigns ever; audiences were able to feel valued and connected personally with the company. With a relatively low cost, Dunkin’ Donuts built up their social network following, increased brand and product recognition with the mass of Coolatta-related images all around the web and obviously encouraged people to buy the iced-coffee drink. Results doesn’t need a certain amount of points or a grade to be termed successful, it needs a consistent approach to attract, retain and motivate customers, Dunkin’ Donuts was able to do this with their Keep it Coolatta Facebook campaign.

Since this summer campaign, Dunkin’ Donuts launched numerous successful social media campaigns such as the recent advertising campaign on Pandora. It was aimed at driving consumer interest in its frozen Coolatta drinks and created a Coolata Fresh Music Mix Pandora station. The new banner ads also directed users to a dedicated iPhone application that invited them to design their own digital Coolatta drink. Since their original campaign, 4.9 million people have like Dunkin’ Donuts’ Facebook and over 108,000 follow @DunkinDonuts.

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