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A snake will say it loves you… Lies make us evil

October 25, 2011

“On paper or online, Brad Pitt is perfect. But there’s a huge gap “between the kinds of information people both want and need to determine whether someone is a good romantic match and the kind of information available on online dating profiles”

There’s no doubt that meeting partners on the Internet is a growing trend. But can we trust the information that people provide about themselves via online dating services? And why is depression so dissatisfying in relationships? These two questions are explored in articles appearing in the latest issue of the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

Whether a person is likely to lie about themselves online also depends on what kind of person they are: Someone who is very open to new experiences for example foreign traveler is highly unlikely to misrepresent themselves about their experiences, because they are naturally interesting people. On the other hand extroverts are more likely to misrepresent themselves when describing past relationships. Extroverts tend to have many past relationships because they meet new people easily, but may play this down when looking for a new relationship.

You have to be very careful and use your better judgment when meeting people off line. My thoughts on online dating, as a student I have to be careful about where I go and who I socialize with. I spend a lot of time on the internet so I kind of think internet chat/ meeting could be an option, however, it just has to be done with caution, you have to be very selective of the sites you join. Advertising for these sites is everywhere! No matter where what website you’re at you will always get bombarded by these “pop-up” ads that influence your actions and get your attention.

I think that niche market is the way to go but I don’t think offline media advertising is profitable for such sites. If the companies would lower the prices and make it more affordable they would not have to advertise. Honesty and integrity needs to be included with these companies. They also need to keep people safe.

An analysis of ad expenditures by online dating sites shows significant year-to-year increase since 2003. In 2007, when the most recent full-year data is available, advertising for these sites topped out at almost $193 million. And with data complete through the first three quarters of 2008, last year’s online dating ad spends are on pace to exceed that figure.

In my opinion a good approach to on-line dating is to use video chat. This allows you to see the other in real time, with a real face and have a real conversation. If you harmonize in the chat then maybe meeting is a good idea.

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