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Baby App Ad in the Wrong Place

October 25, 2011

Pampers placed an advertisement for their “Hello Baby” app on the “300+ Sex Positions” app for the iPhone. This was their tactic to market future customers but I find it very ineffective. I found the article on

“Hello Baby” is an application, brought to you by Pampers, that helps track pregnancy such as symptoms felt at certain points in time and the growth of the baby. Pampers placed an advertisement for their app within the racy sexual application in hopes to convert those who might be consumers in the future…like 9 or so months from now? I chose to discuss this because if I were to purchase the application and saw an advertisement for a pregnancy app, the first thing that would come to my mind was to make sure I was stocked up on condoms.

I think that the placement for the Papmers’ application is all wrong. Maybe on an app that would give couples tips on conception or baby names, but not just a sexual position application. I am pretty positive that most of the people purchasing the sex position app are not those trying to conceive, per say. I just think that they are misplacing their advertisements. Like I said, if I saw the Pampers ad while I was trying to get in the mood (and using the positions app) I would be pretty turned off…

This makes me wonder how much research Pampers did to find their target markets for the “Hello Baby” application. Where those using the positions app really those who would end up buying the baby application as well, or were they just hoping that these customers will eventually need their app as well because of that app. If that is the case, then fine; I just really do not understand how they could see that just hoping they will wrangle in future consumers this way is a good idea. If anything it would make me think of having children and then making sure I was prepared not to have one.

AdWeek agreed. They said they would offer up the “Media Fail of the Day award” recognizing Pampers “outstanding job [for] making viewers nervous and uncomfortable.” All-in-all, the Pampers advertisement might have done better elsewhere and many think it was just really bad placement.

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