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Ciao Marco

October 25, 2011

On Sunday October 23, MotoGP (Motorcycle Racing) held it’s round 17 at Sepang, Malaysia. Race day took its normal course with the fans piling into the racetrack, racers discussing last minute strategies with their teams and tech crews making last minute tweaks to the racer’s bike. However, round 17 soon took an unfortunate turn after a few laps. Racer #58 Marco Simoncelli lost control of his bike and veered right on the race track, right in front of oncoming racers. It was inevitable, Racer #5 Colin Edwards and Racer #48 Valentino Rossi crashed into Simoncelli. Edwards’ front tire hit Simoncelli in the head causing his helmet to fly off. Simoncelli later succumbed to his injuries and passed away. Within hours of Simoncelli’s passing, millions of fans around the world came together and wept. Everywhere on the social media ranging from Facebook, to Twitter to multiple motorcycle and non-motorcycle related forums, fans of Racer #58 Marco Simoncelli posted “Ciao Marco”.

Although this is not an official social media campaign, I think it is just as effective if not more than any other social media campaign. What is this “campaign” trying to achieve? This “campaign” simply wants to spread the news of Simoncelli’s passing and to unite all fans around the world. I believe this campaign is successful simply because it unites fans around the world and encourages all to act on behalf of remembering Simoncelli.

I have joined this “campaign” simply because I have followed Simoncelli for many races and have grown to love his racing style and personality. Like many other fans around the world, the news of Simoncelli’s passing really hits my heart. Because this has affected me so much, I take the chance to spread the news just like many other fans. I have personally posted on my Facebook, Twitter and blog about Marco Simoncelli and simultaneously see other fans post up on their Facebooks, Twitters, motorcycle forums and any other forms of social media. The main reason why I believe this “Ciao Marco” campaign is so successful is because basically no effort was put to spread the word. Mandatory measures of press releases were made to inform everyone of Simoncelli’s passing but that was it. After the official announcement from MotoGP, fans took charge in spreading the word. It was through other fans and their outlets of social media that I was informed of Simoncelli’s passing.

So along with millions of fans, together through this campaign we say “Ciao Marco.”

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