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October 25, 2011

What automobile companies do you think of when words like art, music, style, and culture come up? If no particular brand comes to mind, rest assured there is a South Korean company trying to change your perception. I was engaging in the typical millennial routine of checking my email, Facebook, Twitter, and surfing the net. It was towards the end of the routine that I came across a digital ad on Juxtapoz. It was an interactive banner ad that offered links to videos of a new vehicle, the Veloster, Hyundai has to offer. At first glance the advertisement may not seem exciting, but wait there’s more…

A scroll over the advertisement activates a pops up layer on top of the current page and forces the user to interact. It is somewhat intrusive and may evoke some individuals to have a negative reaction to the ad. I have included a screen shot to better detail how the layer appears.

I have seen multiple advertisements on the Juxtapoz website that utilize the same “pop up layer” technique and this is the first time I did not have the feeling of being pushed. I directly correlate that to the interesting content Hyundai had to offer. This new technique is positive but only if you have relevant and interesting content to back up the products offered. A click on the ad takes you directly to the Hyundai Veloster YouTube site where even more interactive content is available to the user.

The Veloster YouTube page is very inviting and creates a sense of interest into what features the product has to offer. I am a firm believer that connecting product to the new emerging market of millennials is a great strategy for marketing companies to follow. The page also provides links to their respective Facebook, Twitter, Hyundai YouTube channel and the Hyundai company website. This is a great utilization of digital media by making sure the user has quick and easy access to all of the media outlets Hyundai has to offer. This is an important detail for marketing companies to be aware of with the fast work pace of today’s typical internet/digital user. They are also incorporating culture and music into their brand position. The video below is an exciting trailer for a documentary, “ReGeneration”, that Hyundai is sponsoring. The Veloster is being molded into much more than just a new car but a new lifestyle that Hyundai can offer its drivers.

Overall in my opinion I believe the campaign to be a new and exciting breathe of fresh air in the otherwise boring and stagnant world of automobile advertising. The consumer has a sense of engagement and is given the opportunity to participate with the product before the purchase is even made. My only concern is the “plainliness” of the banner ad at the initial point of interaction. Good job Hyundai, Postal gives you the thumbs up and I will surely be following the progress of your ReGeneration documentary.

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