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Do you dare?

October 25, 2011

A bungee jumping car?!? Who’d a thought?

Last week Chevy literally launched their new car over a 100 ft tower! It took 2.4 million clicks on their website to inch the Chevy Sonic over the ledge where it was attached to bungee cords and free falled into a light splash skimming the surface of a pool on the ground below. Last month Sonic went skydiving over Arizona!

What’s next?

Chevy wants you to be just as adventurous as their new car. They’ve started a Game of Firsts where you send in pictures or video or you doing something…anything for the first time. Just make it fun, make it unique, make it worth sharing!!! The more people that like your “first” the more points you get! Next month Chevy will give away a Sonic to the most liked first, and starting in December they will give away 2 a month. One for the most liked and one for a randomly chosen first!

This is brilliant! Talk about creating an image for your brand! The Chevy Sonic is exciting, adventurous, and daring, even if you aren’t you can drive something that is! It’s like coolness by association, but with a car! This campaign is definitely unique and different and Chevy has made it fun and interactive for everybody. Whether you are posting your firsts or simply watching everybody else’s you’re having fun! Chevy has done a great job of using social media to get the public involved and at a low cost to them. They don’t have to pay for TV commercials or billboards, the spreading of information by people who like their campaign online is enough to cover most of the driving population. Their website covers everything from fun videos to the terms of the contest, you can like them on facebook, follow them on twitter, and even customize your car.

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