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Do you Kotex?

October 25, 2011

I honestly love the enthusiasm of this girl in the commercial, JUST KIDDING. First time I saw this commercial I thought to myself “are you kidding me?” The reason being that I know that a woman’s period is not the best part of the month. But I honestly do not need a “captain obvious” to debrief other commercials for me.

I get that “our generation” is a very chill, laid back, “I don’t care” kind of people but I would not even consider buying this product because I feel like this commercial is offensive.  WE all know that women get mood swings when they are on their period but I do not need a commercial showing us being extra bitter about the mother natures gift to us. Their product has always been my preference over any other brand on the market but this particular product I would not even consider buying. The way it is advertised is too sarcastic, almost insulting. It is very “down to earth” commercial and it is trying to relate to its publics, but it this chick does not relate to me.

Kotex usually has better commercials in palce that show the “average girl” in a relatable situation that we (women) might encounter in our everyday life. Just because a women is on her menstrual cycle does not mean that our life stops. Our life keeps going and our plans to go to the pool, hang out with friends, etc. does not change. I understand that the “emo” girl look is in but not all girls feel like we should be mocked about our monthly friend like she does.

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