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Sonic’s made-to-order commercials

October 25, 2011

Sonic’s goal was to get insight on consumer views but also motivate interaction. They pushed out a set of commercials and at the end each stated how consumers now had the opportunity to make their own commercial at their this is how you Sonic page. In my opinion Sonic used made the perfect combination of strategies to get the publics involved.

I remember seeing these Sonic commercials that made me laugh and then they said that you could also make your own by visiting their website. A few weeks later I saw that a friend had posted his version of the commercial on Facebook. He was asking for views and votes to get him his chance to go to LA. I did some digging and found out that Sonic had launched a campaign this summer allowing fans to create their own commercials. If their video gained enough momentum from the viral world the winner could land a trip to make their commercial a reality.



Sonic then turned to the organization’s Facebook to reach out and gain an increase engagement by making a contest for consumers to send in their ideas for a commercial. The winner would be flown out to LA for their spot to be filmed. In using this approach Sonic has appealed to their online community and those who are not currently engaged online as well. This approach targets user participation and user generated content, both drive social media networks. Sonic gave consumers a chance to be creative and stream what they would like to see online and possibly in the homes of millions of viewers like them. This then ties into our society’s growing need/want to be famous.

Each commercial targeted a different meal type, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I thought there should have been more of a follow up as far as the contests were concerned. I looked on the company’s website and could not find the successful videos. I went to the Facebook page, which said there was going to be a second part to the competition, but I did not find further details on that. I also think that they should have looked more into the possibility of their fans creating their own videos and posting them via YouTube rather than through the company site. I think it would have gotten much more of a following that way.

Ultimately, Sonic communicated with their publics through various media outlets and gave them the chance to be interactive with the company and also gave them a shot at their fifteen minutes of fame. I think overall Sonic did a great job of integrating the various components of social media to engage their publics in a new way.

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