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Bring Your Bibs Because The McRib Is Back!

October 26, 2011

McDonald’s  brings a comeback with this boneless pork patty sandwich, dressed in silvered onions, pickles and barbecue sauce. It is here for a limited time only, ending November 14. This sandwich is number one in the lead for this week’s Google Trends and has been such a promotional success since its debut in 1981.

Even though the company struggled with sales in the beginning and removed the item in 1985 due to pork not being eaten in the U.S. as often as meat or chicken. It still holds a reputable reputation.

After several years McDonald’s brought back the sandwich nationally in 1994 as a promotional item, because of the shape of the patty looking like a slab of ribs, which went together with the release of The Flintstones Movie, turning this sandwich into an icon.

Now that the McRib is back this fall for just a few weeks. What will the company use other than a featured hit movie to draw there targeted audience’s attention?  How will they market, PR or advertise to promote this product?

The company has evolved into what society is driven to today and that is social media. McDonald’s is far from being out of the loop. The McRib now has its own Facebook page. This company is so initiative with their ideas, they lure you in to “like” there page first, then leading you to play their virtual McRib game, helping those McRib lovers to use their McRib locator, which guides you to all the Mc Donald’s restaurants that hold this particular item.

This strategy draws new and old fanatics to check out what they’ve created and their technique is whimsical and fresh. These McRib fans are so in tuned to not just the sandwich but to what others have to say about it, they turn the McRib page into Facebook groups such as “McRib Off”.

Including McRib Twitter pages with tweets saying that “The McRib is the Justin Bieber of Sandwiches” to “Don’t worry we use the term “meat” very loosely around here.” Whether comments in social media are negative or not, the McRib is still the popular kid in the crowd.

Watch this video of these McRib fanatics and see how they helped publicize McDonald’s McRib:

Since it is popular, why not offer it all the time? I think McDonald’s likes to add fuel to seek customer’s enthusiasm and enjoy viewing the McRib craze explode, without adding enough effort. McDonald’s U.S. marketing director Marta Fearon told USA Today, that “Bringing it back every so often adds to the excitement.”

Although the McRib has a cult of McRib Lovers. The question most of us want to know, lies if the McRib is really meat? Let me end that to your imagination.

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