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Every Good Dog is A Great Dog

February 16, 2012

Purina rolled out the red carpet a few days ago for the Westminster Kennel Club Breed Dog Show.  As the official food sponsor for the show, Purina launched an integrated communications campaign for its new “Pro Plan” brand.   One would think that any IMC efforts involving dogs could be pointless, but the numbers don’t lie, apparently the Westminster Dog show is a coveted event and it attracts a LOT of dog lovers.   Purina took advantage of this televised event (USA Network) to bombard dog lovers with the Pro Plan campaign.  They’ve named this campaign “Inside Every Good Dog is a Great Dog.” What better platform to roll out this campaign than at the Westminster Kennel Club Breed Dog Show, where dog lovers tune in to indulge in their love for dogs. While their own dogs might not be up the same standards as the competing dogs, Purina comes to the rescue, because “inside every good dog is a great dog.”

First up in the campaign is the PRO PLAN website. Both mobile and desktop version feature heavy content and lots of dog lover interactivity.  As any good website, the Pro Plan site is well connected to the social media side of the campaign. Several links featuring user- generated content from its social media sites take a big chunk of space on the PRO Plan website.  However, he crème of the crop and highlight of the website is Pro Plan app “The Great Dogs.” This app is used all across the campaign where user interactivity is allowed, e.g. Facebook, App Store, ect.  The app is a one stop shop interactive dog “encyclopedia.” You can browse through tons of different breed profiles and find your own dog.  This app will reveal unique secrets and interests about your dog’s breed; including new tricks specific for your own dog.  I searched for Cocker Spaniel and it said: “The Cocker is known for her gentle bite in retrieving game and for her tender, intuitive heart. She’s got an innate ability to sense what you’re feeling- especially when you need a friend.” This app allows users to share their new found dog content on their Facebook wall.  It also provides a link to “learn more about”, which takes you to American Kennel Club website.

While in Facebook, another feature providing user- generated content is Pro Plan “Great Video.” It’s another interactive app which encourages user to “Put your dog in our video.”   Following the “Inside Every Good Dog is a Great Dog. “ Purina is encouraging customers to “Put yours into the Pro Plan® “Great” commercial, and you’ll see what we mean. Just choose a few great pictures of your dog, frame up the best parts, and press play.”  After you upload a few pictures of your dog, you submit them and a video is created, which is a modified version of the YouTube “Inside Every Good Dog is a Great Dog.” Commercial, that now includes pictures of your dog.

The original Pro plan commercial aired several times during the televised Westminster Dog Show. As the show’s official sponsor, Purina took advantage to intertwine their campaign into the commercial to attract users to the interactive social media side of the campaign.  This commercial is also available in “The Purina Network” YouTube channel.  The Purina Network is another animal lover hub from Purina. It’s described as “The Purina Network
Welcome to the Purina Network, the place for passionate pet owners on the web. Whether you need answers about your dog or cat, or just want to have a laugh, The Purina Network has the videos and shows that you’re looking for about the animals you love.”  Once again, at the moment the Pro Plan  “”Inside Every Good Dog is a Great Dog“ campaign is the main star of the platform.

Last but not least, Purina did some outdoor advertising for the campaign in NYC, where the Westminster show took place in Madison Square Garden.  Outdoor advertising featured bus banners and a few TV spots in Times Square.

Overall this is an effective IMC campaign, the subject might not appeal to all, but the facts are undeniable.  Purina did a great job identifying the message and carrying across all the different platforms of IMC.  It is clear they’ve made this campaign by the book and smartly capitalized on the Westminster Dog show to catapult their campaign.


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