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Class Act

The old saying “there’s no harm in asking” finally has some validation.  After a 9 year old student in London wrote  a letter to Johnny Depp asking him to help her stage a mutiny at school she learned that sometimes “ask and you shall recieve”.  Not only did she get Johnny Depp, but she got Captain Jack Sparrow to lead the mutiny against the teachers.  Lets face it nobody is better at leading the “crew” than Jack Sparrow.

Johnny Depp

These days many parents can’t always find the time to participate school activities with the kids, but that was not the case for Depp.  Taking a break from filming with four other “pirates” Depp in full Jack Sparrow costume and character spent the day at school with the kids and teachers.  It is a pretty selfless act for a person to take a day off from work and spend the day entertaining a stranger and her friends.  In this day and age it is pretty refreshing to see an international film star take time to spend time with young fans for no other reason than because they asked. 

Whether intentional or not this is not a bad way for him to promote the up comming Pirates movie that he is filming.  The movie is not even fully filmed yet and people here and in the U.K. have a little insight about the movie and its main character.  Seeing that Johnny Depp is a down to earth, generous, and all around friendly person, and who doesn’t want to to see that both on and off screen.  Were I in his shoes I would hope that I presented myself in the classy manner that Depp demonstrates.  

johnny01.jpg Johnny Depp/ pirate image by MartySQ    johnny_depp.jpg jhonny image by belle_mera

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